Operations Manual

Article Index

(elected by the IBA membership - one year term) (updated 2013)

1. Contract host site and facilities for the annual IBA conference in May.
2. Schedule and organize a summer planning meeting, November meeting at the All- State Music Festival, and IBA Conference business meeting of the Board of Directors. The president shall serve as chair and prepare a report that is submitted at each one of these business meetings.
3. Submit 4 articles for the summer, fall, winter, and Conference issue of the IBA Magazine.
4. Select and contract clinicians, performing groups, and keynote speaker for the Conference. Attend Midwest clinic when possible. Utilize corporate sponsorship to offset expenses when possible.
5. Organize and schedule all events of the IBA Conference.
6. Select menus for the IBA summer meeting luncheon, the IBA Conference district luncheons, and the IBA Friday night banquet. The president will also serve as master
Of ceremonies at the banquet and assign other banquet duties to IBA members as necessary.
7. The IBA conference fee, banquet ticket, and lodging are supplied by the IBA.
8. Submit an IBA Conference schedule to the magazine editor by March 1 for inclusion in the IBA Magazine Conference issue.
9. Oversee the operations of the Iowa Bandmasters Association.
10. Direct the President-elect to organize and collect the audition tapes or CD's of potential conference performing groups and select bands according to the IBA resolutions.
11. Appoint IBA committee chairs when terms expire.
12. The IBA president must be familiar with the IBA resolutions.
13. Present the president-elect with the IBA president plaque at the IBA Conference Saturday morning business meeting.
14. Present preceding IBA president with the IBA president's pin at the IBA Conference Saturday morning business meeting.
15. Attend meetings of the IMEA Board of Directors as a guest member.
16. Supply pictures and information concerning conference clinicians, performing groups, speakers, etc. to the IBA magazine editor no later than March 1 for the IBA Magazine Conference issue.
17. Communicate with the Conference Equipment chair concerning equipment needs for the IBA Conference.
18. Secure recording contract for conference (Triad Productions, Inc)
19. Sign payment vouchers organized by the IBA Treasurer.
20. This office receives an honorarium.
21. Attend all IBA Board of Directors meetings and submit a report.


96th Annual IBA Conference

May 11-13, 2023