Operations Manual

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(appointed by the president) (updated 2013)

1. Attend all IBA business meetings and submit a report.
2. Make arrangements to have the necessary equipment available for use by the performers and clinicians at the IBA Conference. In order to save money on expenses, every effort should be made to borrow the necessary equipment from in dose proximity to the conference site. As a last resort or when absolutely necessary, equipment may need to be rented.
3. Upon receiving a list of conference performers and clinicians from the IBA
President, contact each individual or group and determine what equipment is needed as well as performance set-up.
4. Meet with the conference site staff to determine a schedule for delivery of the conference equipment, routes by which to deliver equipment, equipment that can be furnished by the conference site, and a schedule for returning equipment.
5. Select and organize a crew that will assist with performance group set-up to that there are smooth transitions between performing groups and clinicians.
6. This position receives an honorarium. Lodging and meals during the IBA Conference is supplied by the IBA.

7. Caretaker of the IBA banner that is hung in the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Fort Des Moines during the IBA Conference.


96th Annual IBA Conference

May 11-13, 2023