Operations Manual

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(chair appointed by the president – selected from the membership of the committee) (updated 11/2017)

1. Meeting
• Meet during annual conference
• Additional meetings may be held the day of the biannual meeting in November
• Special meetings may be called. Additional travel reimbursement must be pre-approved by the IBA president.
• Chair person is responsible for calling all meetings.

2. Committee Members
• Committee members are selected by each district to serve a staggered three-year term.
• Each committee member may serve a maximum of 2 consecutive three year-terms

3. Surveys
• A survey regarding the status of band programs in the state will be conducted each year
• The surveys will be conducted on a three-year rotation
o High School
o Middle School/Junior High
o Elementary/Beginning
• Results will be published in the summer issue of the IBA magazine
• The chairperson shall oversee the annual survey is completed and results prepared for publication

4. Research and Development
• Suggestions from membership will be encouraged and accepted on any topic related to bands in Iowa
o Curriculum
o Website Usage
o Other
• Chairperson will bring all submitted ideas to the committee for project selection
• Following adoption of a project, the chairperson shall see a project through to completion in a timely manner

5. Website Resources
• Create and maintain a resource page on the IBA website
o Website links
o Repertoire lists
o Best Teaching Practice & Techniques articles
• Articles of Special Interest and/or Recognition.


96th Annual IBA Conference

May 11-13, 2023