Operations Manual

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(chair appointed by the president – selected from the membership of the committee) (updated 2013)

1. Organize and implement the IBA Outstanding Administrator Award and School Administrators of Iowa Scholarship.
2. Update application forms and send to the IBA magazine editor for inclusion in the IBA magazine winter issue, a copy to the IBA President for the upcoming newsletter and a copy to webmaster for the IBA website.

3. Deadline for applications should be the week of April for the IBA award and the Friday after the State Solo/Ensemble Festivals for the SAI Scholarship applications.
4. Use statewide committee to review the Administrator Award applications recipients by April 20. Categories include superintendent, high school principal and elementary/middle school principal. Send results to the IBA secretary who will order plaques.

5. Present Outstanding Administrator of the Year plaques to the recipients at the IBA conference Banquet with a short bio.Contact the Outstanding Administrator Award recipient(s) directly and invite them to the Conference Banquet on behalf of IBA. Invite the recipient(s) to speak briefly (1.5 - 2 minutes) to the banquet attendees about the importance of music and bands in their schools immediately after receiving the Outstanding Administrator Award.

Find out the names of the person(s) who will be accompanying the recipient(s) to the banquet (IBA will comp the recipient of the award and one guest). Communicate this information to the IBA president for banquet seating purposes.

Publish a press release that includes the purpose and significance of the Outstanding Administrator Award, the annual recipient(s) and a brief summary of the Iowa Bandmasters Association and its role in music education in Iowa.

6. Use statewide committee to review SAI scholarship tapes/CDs and choose 3-4 candidates.

7. Contact all directors of candidates (not in finals and in finals) regarding the schedule of interviews/performances during the IBA Conference. Remind finalists that the SAI recipient must perform in August at the SAI Convention.
SAI finalists should supply 3 copies of their solos for the judges.

8. Contact IBA President to make arrangements for two rooms; one room with piano and music stand for final performances and one for interviews and warming up.
9. Select a panel of three judges to interview and listen to the candidates IBA
Notify them of schedule and rooms.
10. Supply the judges with a copy of each finalist's application and a list of possible interview questions.
11 .The results of the SAI Scholarship Award are to be given to the Public Relations chair.
12. Attend and promote IBA and state school board conferences when possible.
13. Maintain and frequently update website links and articles on music advocacy websites for the IBA website.
14. Attend all IBA business meetings and submit a report.

Serve as auditor to review applications for awards.
Promote and advocate for IBA through submission of articles to media and IBA magazine
Attend and promote IBA and state school board conferences when possible.
Committee members are selected by each district to serve a staggered 3-year term. Each committee member may serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms.


96th Annual IBA Conference

May 11-13, 2023