Operations Manual

Article Index

(elected by IBA membership - three year term) (updated 2013)

1. Attend all IBA business meetings, record the minutes, and report the minutes of the previous meeting.
2. Collect copies of each office report and organize for further printing in the IBA Magazine.
3. Prepare membership materials for distribution.
4. Collect dues and membership information cards, input information into database file and forward checks to the Treasurer. Send monthly membership updates to the District Presidents, President, Student Affairs Chair, and the IBARD Chair.
5. Organize and distribute the IBA Directory. Update the IBA Officer list, Karl King and
Major Landers recipient list, membership totals section, changes to the Constitution, and changes or additions to the Resolutions.
6. Organize conference pre-registration and registration forms. Need to request district luncheon and banquet costs from the President. Pre-registration form is included in the Spring President's Newsletter and the IBA Magazine Conference issue.
7. Order registration badge supplies, case stickers and guest band certificates (need to contact accepted bands for amount), and Honor Band certificates. Certificates need to have President's signature included.
8. Order plaques for guest conductors, performing groups, retirees, tenure awards, Hall-of-Fame inductee, Friend of IBA, Outstanding Administrator, Karl King recipients, and incoming President. Also order pin for outgoing President.
9. Order Major Landers trophies and certificates.
10. Print inserts for exhibitor, VIP, and Pre-registration name badges.
11. Prepare pre-registration envelopes that are picked up at the conference.
12. Prepare list of VIP and Past-Presidents and order appropriate ribbons for name badges.
13. Order conference registration supplies.
14. Organize assistance for the registration desk.
15. Assist with the distribution of plaques at the Conference Banquet.
16. Manage the registration desk at the IBA Conference.
17. Obtain a list of new committee chairs, district presidents, and other IBA committee members.
18. Obtain address changes from the post office and print address labels upon request from IBA members.
19. Prepare computer data disks for IBA members when requested.
20. IBA Conference lodging and banquet ticket are supplied by the IBA.
21. This office receives an honorarium.
22. To ensure proper training and continuity as a member of the Board of Directors, the secretary will declare his/her intent to run (or not run) by November of the first year of their final term. Elections for secretary-elect will take place during the following spring IBA elections to overlap the secretary’s final year of service with the secretary-elect’s first year.
23. Attend all IBA Board of Directors meetings and submit a report.


96th Annual IBA Conference

May 11-13, 2023