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Iowa Bandmasters Present Outstanding Administrator Awards

The Iowa Bandmasters Association is pleased to announce the recipients of its Outstanding Administrator awards for 2013.  Each year, members have the opportunity to nominate deserving administrators in the categories of Elementary/Middle School Principal, High School Principal, and Superintendent.  Letters of recommendation are asked to include information regarding how the administrator’s leadership allows the band program to be exemplary, how the nominee is an advocate for the band program in the school and community, how the administrator has demonstrated budgetary support of the band program, and examples of the nominee’s outstanding leadership.


This year’s Outstanding Elementary/Middle School Principal is Gregg Shoultz of Northwest Junior High School in Iowa City.  He was nominated by band director Jane Triplett.  All of the recommendation letters for Dr. Shoultz spoke of his attendance at every concert, videotaping the performances, and posting them on the school website.  One retired director stated that in all of his years teaching, he had “never found any other administrator who was as supportive of the band program as is Dr. Shoultz.”

The Outstanding High School Principal for 2013 is Lynell O’Connor of Williamsburg High School, who was nominated by band director Tyler Kalina.  According to the nomination, Ms. O’Connor is “quick to share how band made an impact on her life...and that band is important for the students of the Williamsburg community.”  She also approved a number of “new ideas and plans”, including a trip for the band, and worked with staff to meet any “challenges and to ensure student success”.

The recipient of the Outstanding Superintendent Award this year is Bruce Kimpston of the Ankeny school district, nominated by band director Scott Hook.  Dr. Kimpston has been an advocate for band in the growing Ankeny district, including a “vertical teaching system that includes coordinated scheduling of secondary ensembles across four (soon to be six) buildings, development and implementation of a comprehensive music curriculum, the addition of 4.5 FTE for the band program, and the outfitting of three new schools with instruments and equipment.” In an era where many music programs are experiencing cuts, those additions would make any band director in the state envious!

The awards will be presented during the Iowa Bandmasters convention banquet at the Marriott hotel on Friday, May 10.  Congratulations to our very deserving recipients!

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