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Arts appear to play role in brain development.doc
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Arts Education Helps Graduation2.doc
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Blooms Taxonomy.docx
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Gov Letter Music points.doc
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Keeping the Arts as Core Briefing Paper.doc
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Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills.doc
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Music is instrumental in teaching.doc
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Music Makes the Grade.pdf
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Musical skills truly are a gift for kids in need.doc
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MusicArt Support Letter.doc
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NAMM Tips4Success website.docx
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Projections data from the National Employment Matrix.doc
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Study Links High School Graduation Rates with Arts Education.doc
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Talking Points on the Arts and the Iowa Core Curriculum.doc
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The Benefits of the Study of Music.pdf
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We Teach Arts Education.doc
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We Teach Music-.doc
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Welcome address at Boston Conservatory.doc
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Why teach the arts.doc
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State Resources:

Iowa Bandmasters Association,

Iowa Alliance for Arts Education,

Iowa Music Educators Association.

Iowa Arts Council,

National Resources:

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

Music Achievement Council (MAC)

National Association for Music Education

VH1 Save The Music,

American School Band Directors Association (ASBDA)

Resources: Sir Ken Robinson – Out of our Minds:  Learning to be Creative,

Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind,

Elliot W. Eisner – The Arts and the Creation of Mind, Arts Education Partnership, Critical Evidence

The Center for Arts Education, Staying in School,

Iowa Alliance for Arts Education:

Iowa Senate Resolution making March 2011 Arts Education Month (download at Iowa Alliance for Arts Education

Governors Proclamation making Arts Education Month (download at Iowa Alliance for Arts Education


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